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Venezia – CESBA Regional Conference

CESBA initiative, opportunities and challenges for the 2014-2020 programming period in the Veneto Region. Criteria for the ecological renovation of public and social housing building stocks. December 10, 2014 Aula Magna Lybra - VEGA Room Lybra - Primo Piano - Via delle Industrie 17/A - Marghera (VE), Italy

The new European policy framework on sustainable buildings is no more focused
only on energy efficiency but also on the optimization in the use of resources and on a wider range of environmental impacts along the life cycle of buildings.

In the implementation of the Energy Plan of the Veneto Region, initiatives such as the "Covenant of Mayors" and the new season of European funds 2014/2020 offer to public administrations both energy-environmental programming instruments, and economic resources to be used for renovation of its public building stock.

A public debate and two working table with SMEs and public administrations of the Veneto Region were held about services and tools to support requalification of public buildings by focusing not only on energy efficiency, but also on the use of natural resources, quality of materials, health and indoor well-being, thus enhancing local supply chains and small scale economies.

The event was the opportunity to introduce the CESBA initiative and present the recently published CESBA policy paper to representatives from the Italian Ministry of Environment, regional and local administrations, SMEs clusters, universities, research centres and to private and public stakeholders of the construction sector in the Veneto Region.


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