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CABEE at a Glance - Flyer

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This flyer gives you a first overview of the CABEE project activities.

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CABEE Kick Off - Flyer

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CABEE logo - JPG

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CABEE logo - EPS

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Vector based grafik - scalable without quality loss

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Flipchart WS Bauherrnkompetenz

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flippchart-Mitschrift vom Workshop am 12.11.2014 LCT in Dornbirn

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Checkliste in Arbeit 19.1.2015

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Präsentation für den 29.1.2015 als Entwurf

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Welcome to CABEE


Result Booklets

All result booklets of CABEE can be downloaded from the CESBA wiki. To view a booklet, just click on the respective image in the right column.

The Project

CABEE is a transnational Alpine project to create and implement an Alpine-wide guideline for definition, procurement, production, assessment and promotion as well as learning about new and refurbished Nearly-Zero-Emission-Buildings (NZEB) and their neighborhoods.

CABEE capitalizes wisdom from finished and ongoing EU-projects but also projects from the Alpine Space program. It focuses on a mass oriented approach with low entry barriers and an on-going Open-Source support. Pilot activities are settled on public tendering, user behaviour and a toward 100% eco-assessment approach. The integration of micro smart energy grids is explored.

Furthermore, markets for NZEBs are prepared, especially in cooperation with public authorities and SMEs. On the regional level “Regional Operation Committees” will be established which are supported by a transnational sustainable network of experts. A public transnational conference concentrates on and spreads out existing knowledge.


Regionalentwicklung Vorarlberg eGen

Hof 19, 6861 Alberschwende

Steurer Peter

+43 699 17 7171 43