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CABEE, a stone in the development

of grand projet Rhône-Alpes Nord Isère Sustainable! - RAEE and GPRA are associated in the frame of the European alpines space Cabee project to develop a “CESBA” strategy on this territory concerning sustainable construction. With the support of Cabee, GPRA will enhance sustainable construction in the whole region, strengthening local economic development jobs and ambitious environmental objectives.

CABEE, a stone in the development
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Sustainable North Isere, an involved territory

With the strong assets of their territory, and in connection with the major players (Companies, Constructive Innovations Pole, les Grands Ateliers...), the Community of Municipalities of the Valleys of the Tower (CCVT) and the Urban Community of the Porte de l’Isère (CAPI) came together to invent in North Isère the territory of tomorrow and make it a benchmark for sustainable construction

The Sustainable North Isere GPRA, what is it?

The Sustainable North Isère GPRA is a global development project for North Isère that will allow it to become a school territory and an innovations and experiments laboratory in the field of sustainable construction. The objectives are to:

  • Create activity and jobs, strengthen the local economic development.
  • Participate in strengthening the system of Rhône-Alpes dedicated to sustainable construction  to make it a reference region at national and European level
  • Contribute to innovations to achieve the environmental objectives of the Grenelle Building Plan in connection with the Territorial Climate EnergPlan.
  • Enhance the image of North Isère : a territory at the forefront of constructive innovations

These objectives are based on the affirmation of a common strategy that should aim to make converge towards these objectives all public policies implemented in the territory, as well as all economic, citizen and associative initiatives.


Excellence of the North Isere territory, sustainable construction

The theme of sustainable construction has emerged due to the balance between the advantages of local actors and the market opening after the Grenelle Building Plan. The thermal regulation 2012 (RT2012) and soon the 2020 (RBR2020) impose thermal performance standards 5 times lower than the average of existing buildings today ((50 kWh/m2 for a today average around 250 kWh/m2/yr), which leads the professionals to:

  • Innovate in materials and solutions.
  • Adapt their design buildings and how they work, their organization.
  • Be trained to be at the right level and deploy existing solutions

Regional policy of major projects

The Rhône-Alpes Region, is committed to building a referent and exemplary Region in Europe by adopting a sustainable approach to all of its thematic and territorial policies. The regional Council invests € 8.3 million to make North Isère Territory an exemplary territory for sustainable construction.

Under this policy of Great Projects structuring for the Rhone-Alpes region, the regional Council has approved the Memorandum of Understanding between the CAPI, the CCVT and the Rhône-Alpes region in December 2012. This protocol available in 3 axes describes the commitment of the territory, its ambition, organization and action plan with the appropriate financial arrangements. The Memorandum of Understanding for sustainable North Isère GPRA is well established until 2015 with the participation of the Rhône-Alpes Region of 8.3 million grant to implement the action plan.


A programme for action in which innovation and experiments in the field of sustainable construction area at the heart of the plan

The creation of a platform for innovation calledASTUS construction, offering a range of services for companies, allowing them to meet and work together to better meet the current challenges, test innovative prototypes and skill up on the issue of assembly and use.

Promoting and facilitating the sustainable construction sector beyond Rhone-Alpes, including the organization of an event of national ranking on innovation topics within the ASTUS Construction platform

The creation of two accompanying plans for entrepreneurship: innovation incubator backed to Platform ASTUS Construction in Villefontaine and craft incubator in Saint Clair de la Tour to support craftmen in the necessary transformation of their business practices.

The exemplary construction and renovation of buildings of the territory, "Demonstrators of North Isère" natural outlet of projects created on the platform in relation to an exemplary sustainable development approach.


ASTUS construction; a national ambition

The prefiguration of engineering, ASTUS Development, promoting support, testing, development and diffusion of new constructive methods with public owners

Platform labeled "Energy Building" for the Sustainable Building Plan, ASTUS Construction thus benefits from the support of  the national level becomes the local gateway to the platforms network in France and contributes to better structure the offer made by the sector, to coordinate and promote cooperation between businesses.



The Sustainable Nord Isère GPRA aims to find a procedure to support local authorities and building owners to carry out the Demo of the Sustainable North Isère. All these actions allowing  experimentation, development and diffusion of new construction methods are included under the name "ASTUS DEVELOPMENT”

This territorial variation is reinforced by the commitment of local authorities (CAPI - CCVT) in a process of Territorial Climate and Energy Plan.

ASTUS development, an approach supported under the european project CABEE

The approach ASTUS DEVELOPMENT has been selected in the framework of the European project called "Capitalizing Alpine Building Evaluation Experiences" (CABEE), driven by regional energy agency Rhônalpénergie-Environment (RAEE) and thus benefit from its support.


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