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Rosenheim: First workshop with SME´s to define future projects

Nineteen energy initiatives and enterprises came together discuss feasible Projects and workshops for the future. Four projects came forth to further sustainable and decentralized energy supply for the region. Those projects will benefit the region in different ways as they put the core points of sustainable development to real use.

The first project will focus on local thermal-energy grids. Requirements and sensible boundary conditions will be gathered and developed. This goes down to the deepest possible level of a grid – a connection of single private households.

The second  one addresses communities as well as the region. Public buildings will be evaluated on a large scale – comparable to Main Action 4.2 – in order to fulfill their purpose as role models. Mobility is central to the third project, as it aims for raised usage of local traffic as well as reducing private traffic where possible.

The fourth and last project concentrates on stored electricity in Homes that was locally produced – thusly the own consumption can be increased and a swarm storage will be possible to decentralize electric energy production and storage.


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