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Partnermeeting in Lyon

Actors discuss CABEE progress and develop CESBA initiative further. - In Isle d'Abeau in Lyon, France, actors of the projects of ViSiBLE and CABEE met in order to exchange their ideas and to further develop the CESBA Wiki. The ViSiBLE meeting was held at the 27th of January, whereas the CABEE PSG meeting took place on the 28th and the 29th of January. Within the CABEE meeting, the talk format “World Café” contributed to the fruitful outcomes of the meeting.

CABEE project partners from six Alpine countries discussed their project status, the progress and next activities. Using the talk format “world café”, the participants were introduced to become CESBA Wiki editors, learned about the ViSiBLE project, worked on the results of the CESBA SPRINT Workshop, and elaborated the CESBA day. This big event will take place in July 2014 (date not confirmed yet). The CESBA initiative will be presented to transnational partners of other EU-funded and topic-related projects and all actors will contribute to develop the initiative further. The CESBA day will be a joint initiative of ViSiBLE and CABEE.

The final CESBA guide will be available on the CESBA-Wiki soon. The CABEE member also discussed their work packages and main activities. By external guests, the ASTUS Construction project and the BIM event ASTUS were presented. The participants showed great interest. At the 28th of January, the CABEE meeting was held at Les Grands Ateliers, where art, architecture, engineering, builders, students and other actors meet in order to to generate innovative forms of sustainable building. The meeting ended with a French Lunch at Les Grands Ateliers.


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