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CESBA Sprint Workshop

Creative discussions on sustainable building in a inspiring Alpine scenery - Over 100 people from 11 European nations played an important part in the CESBA Sprint Workshop at the remote Almhotel Hochhäderich, Vorarlberg AUSTRIA from the 21st to the 23rd October 2013. Within 6 thematic sessions on different topics regarding sustainable building, the workshop participants conduced to the success of the workshop.

The CESBA SPRINT workshop was organized within the frame of the CABEE project with a high contribution of the CEC5 project under the leadership of Regionalentwicklung Vorarlberg and the NENA Network. During the workshop, also the CEC5 expert training on the Vorarlberger KGA building certificate took place.

The remote Almhotel Hochhäderich proved to be the perfect location for the CESBA workshop: The six intense sessions (S1: Training and Education, S2: Building and neighbourhood Assessment, S3: Certification Process, S4: Political Implementation, legal framework, S5: Usage and Monitoring, S6: CESBA process and activities) were not only held in the different rooms of the hotel, but also in the sauna. The sunny weather allowed for using the hotel terrace for the session discussions and even for an inspiring walk. The lovely scenery contributed to the constructiveness of the discussions. All participants added to the workshop results on the CESBA initiative.

The 6 plenary presentations were moderated professionally by Markus Berchtold from the NENA network and Karin Klapproth who stimulated the atmosphere with allegories about oranges and Rhaeto-Romanic poems. The outcomes of the workshop are an important step towards new and harmonized building and neighbourhood standards in Europe. At the last plenary session, a great majority voted for the final agreement on CESBA as a collective initiative for a new culture of the built environment.

The valuable outcomes of these three days working in the mountains will now be integrated in the CESBA booklet, which will be a joint output of the projects CABEE and CEC5. The participants will then give their feedback on the booklet in November. The end version of the CESBA booklet will be adopted at the steering group meeting of the EU projects CEC5, CABEE and ViSiBLE in January 2014.

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