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CESBA Conference at European Sustainable Energy Week - be a part!

Reach 100 % energy and sustainable high performance in buildings: assistance services, involvement of users, and local policies

Thursday, June 18th 2015, from 2:30 to 6:15 p.m.
At Mundo-B, 26 rue d'Edimburg, Brussels

Given the complexity of the building market, assessment tools can play a role to improve the performance of buildings. Furthermore, buildings owners, and especially small and medium size municipalities, need to be assisted during the project design, construction and operation phases. These assistance services are spreading through Europe and are obtaining very good results. Users should be involved and a regional/local favourable context should be implemented.

CESBA stands for ‘‘Common European Sustainable Building Assessment’’ and is a collective initiative towards promoting a harmonization of sustainable building assessments for public buildings throughout Europe. The inducement of CESBA is the perception of the variety of sustainable building certification systems in European regions and the need to find a common framework for building assessments.

Based on various successful experiences in Europe, CESBA-network proposes a creative workshop: the speakers’ presentations will be summarized on posters and visible during the whole session; feedback from the audience will be written on the posters, with an empty poster for new ideas. The general conclusion will be based on the supplemented posters.

We look forward to getting your input there,

The CESBA team.


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