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2nd CESBA SPRINT Workshop with CABEE meeting

After the success of the 1st CESBA SPRINT Workshop in Hochhäderich, Austria, the 2nd CESBA SPRINT Workshop will be held in Turin, Italy, at the 1st of July, 2014. Actors dealing with the assessment of the sustainability of our built environment are welcomed to join the 2nd CESBA SPRINT Workshop. They can share their ideas for a harmonization of assessment systems, create new project ideas and network.

The SPRINT method makes it possible to achieve valuable results in only one day.  There will be four thematic groups plus CESBA-Wiki-Workshops:

Group 1: Strengthening local economy: SME opportunities
Group 2: Framework for public administration
Group 3: EU-projects: results, challenges, opportunities
Group 4: Roadmap for assessment harmonization
Workshops "Introduction to the CESBA Wiki"

On the 30st of June, the CABEE meeting will be held at the same location.

Download of invitation (PDF)

Online registration link until the 31st May, 2014!


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